What Next? Navigating Later Life Transitions


The paths of our lives take us through many twists and turns. After so many rich experiences, some may think it will be easier to plan ahead and make decisions. Some might even rationalize that once retired, they will be able to simply sit back and enjoy life, not needing to worry about planning or decision making.

But other senior adults want to be able to define their own destiny. In their hearts they know that there will be more bumps in the road. They are worried that they don’t have all the information they need to navigate through those obstacles in a way that will keep them sustainably happy and fulfilled.

We have come together to write this book to offer education on some of the challenges and options one may face in later life. Our hope is that readers will come away feeling more comfortable and confident with the options they have and better prepared for the decisions they may have to make.

Whether for yourself or someone you love, please consider us as a resource to which you can turn.


To obtain a copy of this book, please contact one of our authors directly, or enquire at: info@navigatinglaterlife.com


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