Bev Evans

Bev Evans

Health, Wealth & Happiness - You Can Have it All?

Bev Evans, CFP, TEP, CIM, EPC, Director, Wealth Management, Investment Advisor, Evans Wealth Management Team, Richardson GMP Limited

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

While this expression is well known in business, it also applies more than ever to planning for retirement. Today, we can expect to live longer and healthier than ever before. While we have more opportunity options for how to enjoy our later years, the complexity of investing and constantly changing markets makes it challenging to ensure we can achieve and maintain financial security. These are realities that women, in particular, need to plan for. It also means making decisions that can be overwhelming.

Through more than twenty-five years of helping seniors and their families to navigate successful life transitions, I understand the hopes, fears and anxieties that come with facing life changes. With extensive professional training supporting my passion for helping others, I am thrilled to be involved with this book.

The Evans Wealth Management Team at Richardson GMP has both the experience and the resources to support you, and to gently and expertly guide you through our process. We make sure you have a plan and an answer to the questions “Am I going to be okay? Can afford the lifestyle I want in retirement while also ensuring that I have planned for unexpected situations?”

In addition to conservative portfolio management, we are acknowledged for our caring, comprehensive approach and our genuine interest in our clients’ overall well-being. You can rely on us to help you make informed decisions during periods of life change and transition. We will ensure that your estate plan, taxes and insurance are reviewed and up to date, and that they provide the essential benefits you and your family need.

Planning ahead gives you options. Fear of planning leaves you open to panic, and isn’t there too much at stake? I hope these chapters bring you the information, confidence and courage to plan for a fulfilling future. If you are looking for a fresh perspective and experienced guidance to help you plan for a successful future, we are ready, and here to help.


Bev Evans, CFP, TEP, CIM, EPC
Director, Wealth Management, Investment Advisor
Evans Wealth Management Team
Richardson GMP Limited
(905) 615-5671

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